Personalized Program

Experience the freedom of personalized workouts tailored to your unique goals and preferences, all accessible at the touch of your fingertips. Whether you're a gym enthusiast or prefer home workouts, our app delivers a seamless and engaging fitness experience, guiding you through expertly crafted routines.

Dedicated Coach

Partner with a care team that includes a physical therapist and qualified health coach. Connect in person, or video chat to ask questions, set goals, and more

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Plain and simple pain relief

  • Full-body guidance

    Computer vision tracks the entire body, measuring simple to complex movements.

  • Data-driven technology

    AI enables real-time audio and visual feedback, improving member motion quality.

  • Real-time feedback

    Care teams use data from each exercise session to regularly monitor and adjust care plans.

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Save Time & Costs

Take control of your pain. Recover from injury. Even prepare for surgery. Join Doctor Little for expert care that fits into your busy life.